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Q-Tip - 100 Pack
  • Q-Tip - 100 Pack

    SKU: 514
    • Keeping your glass pieces clean can be a challenge, but with the Ooze Resolution glass cleaner cotton swabs, it will be a breeze. Each pack comes with 110 3.25 inch cleaning swabs in a hard plastic carrying case for easy travel. Our Ooze Resolution glass cleaning cotton swabs come with one rounded tip and one pointed tip end fastened on a strong wooden handle.
    • DUAL ACTION: The Ooze Resolution cotton buds allow you to have double-action cleaning with two different ends. One end of the cotton swab has a more rigid pointed end that will enable you to clean in the smallest spaces. Heavy build-up on glass pieces can be tough to get off with just glass cleaner; attacking the problem with our pointed cotton swab will rid your piece of any leftover debris. The other end is rounded, which allows for more absorption of excess cleaning gel or oil.
    • Ooze Resolution uses 100% real cotton on all of our swabs, allowing for a higher quality cleaning experience. The rounded cotton swab end is wrapped tight on the outside but provides a spongy give; this creates a more absorbent cotton swab end to collet leftover product and residue. The precision pointed cotton swab end is dense and hard, allowing you to scrub in tough to reach spaces. The wooden handle is sturdy to protect against breakage when pressing down hard on the cotton swab.
    • Cotton swabs are notorious for leaving behind fibers, but with our high-quality Ooze Resolution cotton swabs, you won't run into that issue. Res cotton buds are great for cleaning quartz glass, but that's not all! Our multi-use cotton swabs are a great addition/used for jewelry cleaning tools, gun cleaning kit, gun cleaning swabs, jewelry cleaning kit, detailing swabs, cleaning buds, and much more.
    • Ooze Resolution's mission is to give you the highest quality glass cleaning products. With our full line of Ooze Resolution gel glass cleaners, res caps, wire brushes, and cotton swabs, your glass pieces will be sparkling clean. No one likes to light up with a smelly, dirty glass piece that will contaminate your herb. With Ooze Resolution glass cleaning product keeping your glass pieces clean will be easier than ever