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Lords of Cannabis Board Game
  • Lords of Cannabis Board Game

    SKU: 5909

    Do you love strategy games like Catan?  Then you'll enjoy this award-winning board game. 


    Lords of Cannabis is a game of acquiring, trading and conquest.  You can become the Lord of Cannabis without ever having to leave your home - just build more, be a smart trader and steal if you must, all while trying to beat other players. 

    To help you build the largest cannabis operation in the most exciting way, this game comes with 100 stash cards, 38 crop cards, 2 dice, 5 reference cards, and 2 reward cards.  The board measures 17 by 17 inches and you can build on it with 6 building tiles, 24 numbered chips and 15 tunnels per player.


    Designed for up to 6 players.