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Dabtool 4"
  • Dabtool 4"

    SKU: 504-4

    The Double-Sided Dabber Ti Dab Tool from King Nail. This versatile tool features a dual-ended design with one end equipped with a rounded, ballpoint style tip and the reverse end features a smooth and curved style tip perfect for scooping up large dabs. The slender body design and two threaded sections within the middle help to provide a more comfortable and tighter grip. The double-sided dabber provides twice the dabbing capabilities and is perfect for collecting and dabbing your favorite oil, wax, hash and shatter style concentrates.


    Dabber Features:

    • Double-ended Ti dab tool
    • Rounded, ballpoint style tip
    • Flat, scooper style tip
    • Perfect for dabbing hash, oil, wax and shatter concentrates
    • Features threaded sections for a more comfortable grip
    • Affordable and easy to clean
    • Perfect for travel or daily use