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Raw Bamboo Rolling Tray
  • Raw Bamboo Rolling Tray

    SKU: 549
    • Smooth Rounded Edges
    • Ultra Smooth Finish
    • Magnetic Closure
    • Rolling Accessory Compartments
    • Filling Scoop
    • Bamboo Material
    • 22cm Width x 24cm Depth x 4cm Height (when open)
      8.66" Width x 4.45" Depth x 1.57" Height (when open)


    The RAW bamboo rolling tray is smartly designed and highly functional.  It uses strong magnets

    to lock closed when folded in half and to lock the two sides together when open.  It has different compartments to hold a variety of items such as your grinder, tips, lighter and papers.  Though designed as an ideal cannabis tray, we've found it's a great tray for those who roll their own tobacco as well.  The detachable scoop has it's own magnet which locks it in place when the tray is closed.  Made from sustainable bamboo with an ultra smooth finish for easier cleaning.