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Mouth Peace Kit
  • Mouth Peace Kit

    SKU: 534

    The MouthPeace is a filter and personal mouthpiece for pipes and bongs. You can even stick a blunt in if it's fat enough. The Moose MouthPeace bong filter has a carbon filter disc on the inside that is replaceable. It reduces harshness and filters out a bunch of those gross combustibles that taste so bad and you don't want going into your lungs. Besides filtering, the MouthPeace covers the top of a pipe so you can use it instead of the germ covered surface that your friend just put their lips on.


    SPECS: - Starter kit includes 3 filters

    - Tapered silicone body is easy to fit into most pipes
    - Covers normal pipe mouthpiece for personal use
    - Discourages the spread of germs
    - Available in different colors
    - Made by Moose Labs