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Lighter Bro Multi Tool
  • Lighter Bro Multi Tool

    SKU: 5312

    LighterBro's functional design is manufactured with only the highest quality 420 stainless steel and industrial processes available. LighterBro can deliver a product of exceptional quality, durability and style. With proper care and use, the LighterBro will outlast many of the disposable Bic lighters it holds and bring you years of convenience and great times. The LighterBro works with Clipper and Bic lighters.


    The Titanium Gold features a knife, screwdriver and scissors that are spring loaded for fast action. A bottle opener is integrated into the bottom of the multi-tool for instant use. Push the lighter past the bottle opener stop for a more compact profile when carried. The LighterBro is laser engraved for maximum durability. Lighten-up with the LighterBro today!

    Lighter not included.



    • Material: 420 Stainless Steel
    • Weight: 1.75 oz.
    • Works with Clipper and Bic Lighters