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Gear Premium Sidekick 7mm
  • Gear Premium Sidekick 7mm

    SKU: 13107

    Revolutionize your smoking experience with the GEAR Premium® Sidekick. These 7mm thick water pipes come with a beautifully designed, patented lighter holster so you'll always know where to find your fire.



    • 100% borosilicate glass

    • 7mm thick

    • Built-in lighter holster

    • 24K gold decal

    • Flat mouthpiece

    • Beaker base

    • Patented design


    What's Included:

    • GEAR Premium® Sidekick 12" 7mm Beaker Tube

    • GEAR Premium® 14mm XL Blaster Cone Pull-Out

    • GEAR Premium® 140mm Diffuser Downstem

    • GEAR Premium® T-Shirt

    • GEAR Premium® Lighter

    • GEAR Premium® Keychain

    • GEAR Premium® Sticker