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Gear Premium 18" 4-arm Beaker Zong
  • Gear Premium 18" 4-arm Beaker Zong

    SKU: 1563

    1 x 18" 9mm Thick 4-Arm Zorro Beaker Tube
    1 x 14mm XL Blaster Cone Pull-Out
    1 x 19mm Clear Flush Mount Diffuser Downstem
    1 x GEAR Premium string bag
    Zorro has always been seen as superhero of sorts, inscribing ‘Z’ on the ground as he rode on his horse into the sunset. GEAR Premium chose this moniker for this amazing 9mm thick bong as a representation of this piece. It comes with GEAR Premium ‘Blaster’ pull-outs and an extra thick female ground joints, which combine to create an unmatchable force. Fun fact did you know Zorro means fox in Spanish? Well it does, and these formidable bongs are definitely foxy.