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Dime Bags 19" Bully Bag
  • Dime Bags 19" Bully Bag

    SKU: 5913

    Back with a fresh new design – meet your new bodyguard. Our new overbearing, bad-to-the-bone Bully bag is all about keeping your gear safe. Designed to serve and protect, we had your big, expensive pieces in mind.

    This fella is B I G. He’s got the room for your rig and more. With one external main body zippered pocket and one external back panel zippered pocket, to the outside world, he’s just your average Joe trying to get by. Take a peek inside and you’ll get a whole new idea of him. Lined with shed-proof velour and a safety net of padding, your gear will be safe and shiny. With five internal padded utility pockets for those smaller glass pieces, your shit is safe. Along with three interior zippered pouches for the extra items you may have, you can carry it all in this bag.